Lonlink won the "2022-2023 Golden Ant Most Popular Technology Innovation Award"

Created on:2023-05-29 09:05
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On May 20, 2023, the "China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition (LET)" successfully concluded at the Guangzhou - China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall.
At this LET, Lonlink released a new product for the entire gearbox, attracting many audiences, with a surge of visitors to the booth, becoming the most popular exhibiter of Hall 20.1!

With the implementation of multiple logistics digital upgrade solutions and the promotion of the development of the logistics equipment technology industry, Lonlink won the "2022-2023 Golden Ant Most Popular Technology Innovation Award" awarded
by the China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition Organizing Committee. The shocking release of the new gearbox product also attracted the attention of many professional media in the industry. Mr. Ma Yunlong, General Manager of Lonlink, shared his professional opinions with many big names at the forum on "Analysis of Business Status and Prospects of Foreign-funded Manufacturing Enterprises in South China Market". At the booth, Lonlink accepted interviews from "Logistics Technology and Application", "China Storage and Transportation", and "New Creation Rong Media", introducing in detail the new gearbox products and Lonlink's outlook for the future.

The three-day exhibition has successfully concluded. The successful holding of this LET is of great significance to the recovery of the logistics industry in the post-epidemic era. Lonlink has made a wonderful appearance with its new products, winning high favor and stopping for negotiation and exchange from participating audiences. It provides strong support for promoting high-quality development of modern logistics towards cost reduction, efficiency increase, and smart logistics.
Everyone's love has filled Lonlink with energy. In the future, Lonlink will continue to invest in research and development, polish products, turn more forward-looking concepts into practical technologies based on customer needs, and continue to expand domestic and foreign markets. Let Lonlink's intelligent pallet intensive storage system total solution play a greater value in "saving land for the earth, saving workfolw for mankind, and reducing emissions for the environment".