Full Gear Box-The New Generation Pallet Shuttle

Created on:2023-05-09 09:05
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The Lonlink Intelligent Pallet Intensive Storage Solution has been applied in many industries such as cold chain medicine, food preservation, new energy, auto parts, tobacco, textiles, third- party logistics and more.

The full gear box overturning structure eliminates the risk of chain and oil leakage inside the body. Together with the whole board mechanical lifting structure which makes the pallet reasonably stressed and the goods would not tilt over. This new generation pallet shuttle can provide clients better experience for sure!

Lonlink Smart Storage Solution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a provider of intensive intelligent storage system solutions that serve enterprise digital transformation with hard-core technology as the dual-track guidance of technology and market, starting from customer's actual needs. We specialize in pallet intensive storage planning, design, implementation, and delivery. We have our own independent technical advantages and project implementation and delivery capabilities in the manufacturing of intelligent equipment for automated intensive warehouses, intelligent scheduling integration management.