Lonlink successfully standout in CeMAT !

Created on:2023-10-27 11:38
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On October 24, 2023, the world leading trade fair for intralogistics & supply chain management—CeMAT ASIA 2023 opened grandly. As the bellwether of leading warehousing logistics technology and high-end equipment in the Asia-Pacific region, CeMAT2023, with the theme of "High-end Manufacturing, Logistics First", attracted well-known logistics system integrators and logistics automation equipment companies all over the world, Lonlink brings the total solution of four-way shuttles to share the vigorous development of the logistics industry.



This time, Lonlink brings its live four-way shuttle overall solution, full life cycle digital twin system , digital interactive interface, which not only shows it’s latest smart warehousing software and hardware technologies, also prove Lonlink’s high-quality project implementation and delivery capabilities.


Lonlink Digital Twin

Lonlink’s revolutionary change to the logistics industry-- the leading full life cycle digital twin. Our overall solution for intelligent pallet intensive four-way shuttles perfectly integrates physical logistics equipment with the virtual world, enabling real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of equipment operating status.



Intelligent interaction of picking & re-store

Lonlink 's solution realizes the automation and intelligence of warehousing operations through advanced path planning technology, smart scheduling technology, data analysis technology. This not only improves logistics efficiency, but also greatly reduces error rates and costs. At this CeMAT booth, Lonlink brings the audience a new digital interactive experience, where the audience controlled the pallets in and out for picking and re-store.



Interviews by multiple authoritative media

At the CeMAT Asia exhibition, we received attention and interviews from many authoritative media. Lonlink’s R&D Director and the Marketing Manager answered questions about Lonlink’s exhibit highlights, latest technologies, corporate development strategies, smart logistics market trends and other issues, which received high praise.



Logistics industry conference

Ma Yunlong, general manager of Lonlink, delivered a speech at the forum "Empowerment, Delivery, and Resilience of the Digital Upgrading Process of Manufacturing Supply Chain", sharing and summarizing the experience of Lonlink’s landed projects, and emphasized that logistics companies need to continue to enhance products’ quality, make contributions to the promotion of a Chinese-style modern logistics system.



Sharing thoughts with industry experts

During the exhibition, Lonlink conducted in-depth sharing and communications at the booth on topics such as "Product Technology Innovation Process", "Pain Points in the Warehousing Industry", "How the Four-Way Shuttle Solution is Applied in the Cold Chain, New Energy, and Pharmaceutical Industries" and other topics. The speaker of Lonlink Sharing Session said: "We believe that through continuous learning and innovation, Lonlink can deliver the value of smart warehousing to all industries all over the world! "



Gifts delivered by 4-way shuttles

Lonlink combines the four-way shuttle solution with the rolling lottery at the booth. The prizes won on site are transported to the picking locations by the four-way shuttle system controlled by the audience.